Since the pandemic put a stop to large gatherings apparently some El Pasoans haven't gotten the memo. Locals have been venturing out to have some fun in the sand, Red Sands that is. But apparently some locals aren't being responsible since they're willing to be a part of large gatherings. The Texas Rescue Patrol has been cracking down on a lot of people at Red Sands lately. They've shared some vital information about having to lay the law down on some party goers. The Texas Rescue Patrol also mentioned they've had many assaults occur these past few weekends in a row. They even said it is youngsters that go out there and are usually the ones that cause trouble.

When Law Enforcement begins to crack down on people at Red Sands again... you won’t have to ask yourself why this is...

Posted by Texas Rescue Patrol on Monday, August 17, 2020

The Texas Rescue Patrol knows offroaders who ride around Red Sands respect the area. But there are others who go out there and don't pick up after themselves leaving trash behind. This kind of thing frustrates the Texas Rescue Patrollers who have to clean up after someone else's mess. I remember times I would go offroading with friends at the wall or Red Sands and we would keep our area clean. After we would wrap everything up we would toss our trash in our vehicles. So if you have to ask yourself why law enforcement is cracking down on people, those are the reasons why. Plus, it isn't a good idea to get involved in any kind of altercation just because of Covid-19. So if you plan on hitting up Red Sands sometime, remember to pick up after yourself and avoid any fights.

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