Summer in El Paso is pretty damn hot so, here's a way to keep your kids inside and entertained without crushing your wallet.

The Alamo Draft House is once again offering their Kids Camp series.  Not only is it an inexpensive way for kids to have fun, parents get to decide HOW much they want to pay.  Here are the details from the Alamo Draft House website:

Kids Camp is an affordable way for families to watch great films together during most holiday breaks.  Choose your own ticket price - $1-$3-$5 and buy your tickets online to reserve your seats in advance.  100% of ticket sales are donated to local nonprofits working to make our community a better place.

Most Kids Camp screenings are ages 3 and up, but some locations are All Ages - please check for local policies.  Regular no talking/texting policies apply and noisy families may be asked to leave.

The fact that all the proceeds go to charities makes this even ... no pun intended ... cooler!!