Actor Alan Tudyk called into the Buzz Adams Morning Show and gave us a great interview before the premiere of his new SyFy show "Resident Alien". If the name Alan Tudyk doesn't sound familiar, that's okay, however, I'm sure you'll recognize some of his roles.

He was Steve the Pirate in "Dodgeball"

He was Wat in "A Knight's Tale"

He was the voice of Sonny in "I, Robot"

And he was the voice for the Duke of Weselton from "Frozen"

Now that you are better acquainted with Alan Tudyk, allow me to blow your mind even more. Tudyk was born in El Paso! In his interview (which you can check out below) he told us that his parents actually met here in the Sun City and Tudyk then revealed that he was born at El Paso's Hotel Dieu Hospital.

Hotel Dieu Hospital was the very first hospital in El Paso and opened on January 15, 1894. No, it was not a hotel contrary to what Buzz may believe, and it was run by nuns.


In 1892 Sister Stella had bought the site and with $60,000 borrowed from the...

Posted by El Paso History Alliance on Monday, June 4, 2018


Hotel Dieu stood as a general hospital for many years; and went through many name changes. It was sold in 1987, then again in 1988; unfortunately is closed that same year. In 1995, it was sold again and, then, ultimately, it was demolished in 2003.

It's hard to imagine Hotel Dieu Hospital once existed near Downtown- near Arizona and Stanton where a parking lot now exists. If you ask around, I'm sure you may have a connection to Hotel Dieu, my mom was actually born there, the hospital may not exist anymore but as with anything in El Paso, the memory lives on.

Check out the interview with Alan Tudyk below!

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