Aaron Jones did an interview recently that shows his manners throughout the entire thing. It's nice to see each and every El Pasoan that has made celebrity status show class. There are a few I can name off the top of my head like Roger Argenis, Khalid, even Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones. You can tell Aaron Jones grew up in a military family by how he responds to anyone. He always answers yes mam or yes sir to anyone he speaks to except for maybe his friends. You can see the perfect example of Aaron Jones and his manners playout through the entire interview. Even at one point, the interviewer, Charissa Thompson called out Aaron Jones for making her feel old when he called her mam. But she did also mention how it was a sure sign that he was raised well.

The Green Bay Packer running back even gets heat for calling his coach Matt LaFleur sir from time to time. Aaron Jones is 100% a family man that will go the extra mile to make sure his mom gets a football. In the video above about 3 minutes and 23 seconds in you will see how important it is to snag a football. It's nice to see him earning success along the way on his football journey with the Green Bay Packers. It was nice to see the NFL Films share this respectable clip of Aaron Jones doing what he does best, represent El Paso with class.

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