Khalid a local celebrity that does big things to help those in need. Well, just yesterday he took to Twitter asking his followers for their opinion. But what Khalid wanted their opinion on has me wondering so many things. Has Khalid been using this stay at home time to play with his creative side? Will he be the one playing the guitar? There are so many ideas consuming my curious mind.


When I like to relax I enjoy listening to Khalid's music and would LOVE it if he did an acoustic project. I have always enjoyed hearing an acoustic set every chance I got. An acoustic set seems more personal in the sense of taming things down a bit. I wasn't surprised at all to see most of the fans tweeting yes he should Nike (Just Do It). One fan didn't exactly say yes and didn't say no but mentioned he needs to take a break. Fan or not of Khalid place your vote anyways if he should or shouldn't consider an acoustic project below.

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