Some of the most dedicated sports fans out there are football fans. No matter what your team is, you will show your team an relenting amount of support & love no matter what. The YouTuber Tom Grossi knows this. He's a diehard Green Bay Packers fan but he decided to go to both Houston & Dallas, Texas to show just how dedicated the Texans & Cowboys fan bases are are for charity.

Why was Tom Grossi visiting Texas for charity?

On May 29th, Tom posted a video that he was planning on visiting every single NFL stadium in the US; 30 stadiums in 30 days. But he wasn't doing this for himself; he was doing it with the hopes of raising money for St Jude's Children's Hospital.

He started his journey in Green Bay & plans to end his journey in Los Angels at SoFi Stadium. As of right now, Tom has made huge progress on his journey:

Tom even appeared on the Rich Eisen Show & the NFL Network to talk about his charity drive for St Jude's.

Now... it was time to make his way to visit the two Texas teams

June 20th, Tom went to his first Texas stop

He first went to NRG Stadium, the home of the Houston Texans.

Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans
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As soon as they landed, they met up with a Houston native who works at St Jude's, who took them to NRG Stadium. Tom was able to see just how huge it was; complimenting that "there were no bad seats in the house". Afterwards they met up for a fan event at Papacito's Cantina; where Texans fans talked about how important they were for the city of Houston. It was the very first time Tom has been to the state of Texas so the fans wanted to make a great first impression.

You can see Tom's very first time in Texas below.

The very next day, June 21st, it was time for Tom to visit AT&T Stadium

Of course we know AT&T Stadium as the home of the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys v Carolina Panthers
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Not only was it Tom Grossi & his filming partner (and friend) Jonathan Barker (aka Johnny Barks) who visited Dallas, but both of their dads too (who were HUGE Cowboys fans). So as a nice gift to their dads, they brought them both to visit AT&T Stadium, to which the Dallas Cowboys were very nice enough to show them a grand tour of the stadium & even the Cowboys headquarters at The Star in Frisco.

All 4 were able to look at the Super Bowl banners, the Cowboys even gave them a signed CeeDee Lamb jersey which was auctioned off at the fan event, with all the proceeds going to St Jude's.

Even though it rained, that didn't stop the diehard fans (of the Cowboys & all teams alike) from meeting up at the Concrete Cowboy in Frisco. They showed how dedicated the Cowboys fans were to the community, they shared stories with Papa Grossi (Tom's dad) & one lucky fan got the signed CeeDee Lamb jersey. Overall it was a truly touching moment for Tom, Jonathan & their dads as it was their first time seeing where the Cowboys play. They even gave a special mention to Dallas super fan, and fellow YouTuber, Scooter Macgruder.

You can see Tom's visit of AT&T Stadium down below.

And Tom's extended stay in Texas, he discovered a local treasure: Buc-ee's

While wearing both a cowboy hat & a Cowboys jersey, Tom posted a video about a discovery... & what was that treasure he discovered? It was nuggets. A special kind of nuggets.

He even showed so much how trip to Dallas meant to him by making this funny Instagram video as the Walker Texas Ranger. Or rather... Tommy...Texas Ranger.

I know Tom is a diehard Packers fans, but it shows that it doesn't matter which team you root for or what color their uniform is. Football fans all have the love for the game, and love for their fellow man. So we appreciate you Tom for visiting Texas by not only showing how dedicated their fans are but by trying to help out a great cause.

If you wish to donate to St Jude's, you can on their official website.

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