It's been a full 24 hours since I've seen Rachel Ray's rendition of "vegetarian pozole" and I still shudder. I don't think I can see Frito's the same way ever again. Regardless, it is that time of year, the holiday's are upon us! Much like Buddy the Elf, we Mexicans likes to stick to our main food groups around the holidays: pozole, tamales and menudo. The season to enjoy these iconic foods is finally here and if your mom is like my mom, now's the time she's asking you to bring down the olla, you know which one; the pot she uses every year that holds our favorite foods inside.

if you are still a little disturbed by Rachel Ray's video, let me introduce you to someone who will give justice to some of our favorite dishes, her name is Doña Angela. Doña Angela is the star of the YouTube channel "De Mi Rancho a Tu Cocina" which translates to "From My Ranch to Your Kitchen". Doña Angela's videos became a huge hit because to many she reminds us of our very own abuelitas or moms (to me, she totally reminds me of my abuelita!).

Of course, you may already have a pozole recipe that you follow every year- or designate someone to make the pozole every year. But check out how Doña Angela makes it- she adds not only pork but chicken!

From her brick oven to her "open air" stove, there's something so comforting in watching Doña Angela make the pozole. Whichever pozole recipe you go with, I can probably guarantee that it'll be better than Rachel Ray's!

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