The holiday's are upon us, which means three things to Hispanic's: pozole, tamales and menudo. The season to enjoy these iconic foods is finally here and if your mom is like my mom, now's the time she's asking you to bring down the olla, you know which one; the pot she uses every year that holds our favorite foods inside.

If you know Mexicans, then you know that to us, our food is very important. So when I saw so many people outraged at this video of Rachel Ray making (what she calls) pozole, I thought maybe they were exaggerating. I'm sure you've all seen the memes that say: "If 2020 was a soup, it would be Rachel Ray's pozole" and I thought: "Well, that's extreme". I, myself hadn't seen the video, until today. If you haven't seen it- brace yourself:

Rachel Ray calls this "Vegetarian Pozole". I call it- a disaster. Ray took a few creative liberties, well, a ton of creative liberties. I get it, she's a chef, and this could possibly taste good, but this went south quickly.

Homegirl made a chili, not pozole. Sure it's vegetarian, but I've seen many vegans make pozole and still create something very similar to the original dish. I now get why everyone was upset, it's very cringe-worthy. I understand the pain this mother is going through:

If I had to choose one thing, just ONE thing that really upsets me, it's the Frito's. She went from already destroying a sacred dish that our ancestors created to minimizing it to a simple Frito pie. For shame, Rachel Ray, for shame.

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