Michael Meyers and Freddy Kreuger have been spotted in different areas of El Paso. But you still have ten more days to experience this killer duo encounter. Michael Meyers and Freddy Kreuger have been enjoying their time in El Paso.

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Luckily, Atelier Photography was able to be around for the shenanigans with Michael Meyers and Freddy Kreuger. Lately, through the month of October, some El Pasoans have spotted the killer duo roaming around.

But these two sure did have a fun-filled day at the stores inside the mall. The funniest thing though about their adventure is it was nothing but a wholesome time.

Normally we're used to seeing Freddy Kreuger and Michael Meyers desperate for blood. Not this time around, they took the day off from spooking and stalking people to relax and be carefree.

Luckily, Atelier Photography was there to witness the non-violent shenanigans go down. You will see in the evidence below just exactly how Michael Meyers and Freddy Kreuger spent their day.

But one thing for sure is El Pasoans have been loving every second of it. For example, news anchor Natassia Paloma from KTSM News Channel 9 shared her excitement on Twitter.

I will admit Freddy Kreuger and Michael Meyers hit up some of my top spots. Clearly, the scary duo also likes to enjoy a little snacky snacky after some shopping like me.

Feel free to scroll through Michael Meyers and Freddy Kreuger's adventure in El Paso below. If you spot them around El Paso don't worry about them spooking you, they're off until Halloween.

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