If you live on the Westside of El Paso, I hope you're bringing in your pets and locking the doggy door at night. If you never lock the doggy door you may want to now. Recently, there has been a photo circling around social media about a particular animal that lives in the mountains. A local woman Priscilla Ramirez had shared a photo on her Facebook and it been going viral since. Priscilla Ramirez is part of the Next Door App that gives helpful information about the neighborhood you live in. Thanks to that app she discovered someone close to her had posted about a particular animal in her backyard. The animal shown in the photo looks at what seems to be like a mountain lion. Hopefully, this was convincing enough to get you to shut and lock that doggy door now. I would rather get up every so often to let the dog out than have a mountain lion inside.

West side peeps, keep your pets & kiddos indoors & safe. We got these big beautiful curious cats coming down & paying a visit 🙃

Posted by Priscilla Ramirez on Saturday, October 24, 2020

The mountain lion was assumed to be around the Bandolero-Tarascas neighborhood. I could seem some El Pasoans getting excited about this and others that would be frightened. I would be part of the frightened crowd just because I've seen enough Discovery channel on those kinds. I feel for people who live on or really close to the mountains. People that fall in that category have to deal with scorpions, snakes, centipedes, and now lions. Mountain lions aren't the only ones that visit backyards in El Paso. There are deer that always visit one particular family in Central El Paso. I rather see a deer over a mountain lion any day.

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