Residents of one particular neighborhood in Sugar Land, Texas say an alligator is making himself at home and has moved in a little too close for comfort.

We've been hearing stories about wild animals moving closer to human development in the past several years. Part of the reason for that, of course, is more...well human developments. However one may feel regarding whether or not expansion may lead to more of these surprising and sometimes unwanted sightings, that's not the focus here.

Obviously, human and domestic animal safety is of the utmost importance. And so, hearing stories like this one coming out of Sugar Land, Texas is cause for sincere concern.

Residents of the New Territory community in Sugar Land, Texas told KRPC 2 News they're becoming disgruntled at the lack of action on the part of the community's HOA president in regard to an alligator who has been getting closer to home and pets and people.

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An almost 7-foot-long alligator has been on the prowl in the neighborhood for about a week or more at this point. One resident, Gaylin Fagan, told KRPC 2 News that "it may have been funny the first day or two but now it’s getting pretty serious. He’s been here over a week or so and he’s running out of stock in our lake. So now what happens? He’s getting hungry.”

Yeah, I'd be pretty concerned, too.

Residents of the community have started seeing the alligator edging closer to their properties, including backyards.

Or at least close enough where Fagan said they were unnerved by seeing the alligator staring at them--not to mention the little Yorkie dogs. Fagan is concerned for their safety, too.

Another resident, Leslie Little, told KRPC one Saturday morning she watched the alligator saunter out of the man-made pond in the community and eventually make its way right up to her front door, which you'll see in the video below. Sugar Land Police were called and Animal Control was called out to the scene. However, Little said Animal Control watched the animal retreat back to the pond before heading out.

The HOA President was also made aware of the situation at the Sugar Land, Texas community.

Residents were frustrated because in order for the alligator to be removed under contracted property, a nuisance report must be filled out and submitted to the State of Texas. Though, according to the report, that step has yet to be taken.

The HOA President declined to comment when asked.

Here's the link to the video shared by KRPC 2 News.

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