There is nothing like seeing a deer chilling in the backyard of your home. The deer in El Paso always seem to surprise us El Pasoans when they pop up out of nowhere. Back in the day I used to do overnights at the station and would see deer crossing North Mesa Street on my way home. It was scary because one early morning after my shift one tried crossing and I had to swerve to avoid hitting the deer. That wasn't the only time I encountered a deer in front of my headlights. Another time I came across a deer was when I was driving to get on Scenic Drive one evening. I was surprised to even see a deer on the street around 9 pm that night. I was so amazed that I had to stop and take a quick picture of it on La Cruz Dr. Well,, it is nice to see the deer are making themselves feel right at home in other peoples homes.

One El Paso woman, Lydia St. John was stunned to see one deer chilling in her backyard one day. Luckily, she did a better job grabbing a camera to capture the moment than I did. She took a couple pictures of the deer just looking around in her backyard. Despite the creepy crawlers you come across from living on the mountain can have it's advantages. Besides the great scenic view you have of the city, you also can see unexpected visitors like deer. It's always nice to come across a deer here and there around El Paso. If you would like to learn more about deer just read up on these 10 things to learn about them.

Lydia St. John
Lydia St. John
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