El Paso is overflowing with a lot of creative people that definitely showed it at the march and rally. I saw a lot of signs and shirts that are definitely attention grabbers. There is a woman in El Paso that had me choking on my water tonight! She had me turning tomato red because of her sign had said. It brought back a childhood memory and spoke some truth that I know you can also relate too. It read "El Paso, Tx where the only violence we know is la chanclaand I totally second that! Well, anytime you hear the word chancla you knew to follow orders. When I saw this chick holding her sign proudly through Fitfamep's Instagram instantly made me cringe! I remembered the violence I suffered from a chancla. Let's just say after I didn't pay attention to my mom and got me and my sister in trouble completely changed me. My sister and I got our butts whooped and had an imprint of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis right after. So to the chick who rocked the chancla poster board, I salute you!

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