An El Paso Police Officer was attacked by a suspect he was in the process of booking inside the EPPD Central Regional Command Center.

The suspect had initially been arrested on suspicion of car burglary and was going through the booking process when he blindsided the El Paso Police Department officer with a shot to the face.

A second EPPD officer then rushes in just as the short video comes to an end. This video, which was posted by the El Paso Times, shows the surprise attack.

According to a 16-second video clip released by the El Paso Police Department, an officer was attempting to do a post-arrest search of Wells when the suspect whirled around and punched the officer with a right hook to the jaw. The officer stumbles backward but keeps his feet before another officer flies in and tackles Wells. The video ends after the tackle. - El Paso Times

A charge of assault on a public servant was added to the burglary of a vehicle charge and the man was officially booked on 2 seperate bonds. $10K on the assault and $2K, on the vehicle burglary charge.

The article added that the suspect, who is from Dallas, Texas, had been arrested back in May on a criminal mischief charge for throwing rocks at vehicles driving along Interstate 10.

He spent a couple of months in jail on that one before being released on a recognizance bond. Those types of bonds require only a signature to initiate a persons release.


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