There are always those moments you remember and enjoy visiting from time to time. One moment I remember was this exact memory above featured in the video that Kendall Jameson caught on camera.

Friends and I recall what had happened above and remember seeing some of this fight. Once it got to throwing chairs, me and my friends got worried they would end up throwing charcoal so we dashed. Luckily that wasn't able to go down and thankfully the Wet N' Wild security got there in the nick of time. Of course now and days people don't fight with fists they resort to objects for help. This happened to be at our El Paso Balloon Festival in 2011 which was six years ago. It wouldn't be normal if the chicks actually stepped away but nope, like ALWAYS thy got right in the middle.

If you want to re-live the El Paso Balloon Festival, this memory should definitely be one of them!

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