If you get a kick out of debates, then this is one you won't want to pass up on watching!

These people debate on whether it's okay to pee in the shower or not. The struggle is real, folks.

Some people feel there's nothing wrong with peeing in the shower, while others feel disgusted about it. I was surprised to see a woman who is actually for peeing in the shower in this debate. It doesn't seem right in my opinion, simply because some people enjoy taking a nice warm bath and lay down where the pee touches. But other people don't see anything wrong with peeing in the shower because it's the cleanest place other than a toilet. Another man mentions drought and about saving water -- so peeing in the shower saves him money.

But, like, does it, though?

Be sure to take the poll below if you pee in the shower or not, and don't worry it's anonymous!