On my first official trek to bring you El Paso's Best Local Rock, I stopped in to Bombardier's on the west side to see A Beautiful Mourning, The Ivory Structure and Rogue Planet. Unfortunately, Rogue Planet had to cancel their performance, but instead I was treated to two young guys guys playing acoustic guitars and calling themselves The Wreck.

I was not disappointed in my choice of shows. The guys in A Beautiful Mourning had put together the first show with the concept they call "Music and Art On Tap". It's a great idea, get a few bands together to play, have some local artists show up and display and sell their art, maybe even create some on site.

The bands set up on the main floor at Bomb's, and the art displays were upstairs. There were 5 local art displays, each with different kinds of creations. Before, during and in between band sets people would head up and check out the cool stuff up there.

The Wreck was up on stage first. Two young guys with acoustic guitars, who announced that they're currently "in between bass players and drummers" and if anyone knows anyone who'd be interested in playing with them to get in touch. Acoustically, these guys incorporate a lot of different styles into their songs, including flamenco, rock, punk, ska and more. At times they sound like a two-piece version of Walk Off The Earth. Check out their acoustic show and they are planning on recording an EP this summer, so be on the lookout for that. I'll definitely have to go check them out again when they get a bassist and drummer. (As soon as I get Facebook and more info for them, I'll post it in their profile.)

The second band up, A Beautiful Mourning, are great. I've seen them a few times now, and they kill it every time. They play with a lot of energy, and meld a lot of different sounds in their songs. Adrian and Adam work well together vocally, with cool harmonies and splitting vocals parts during different songs. They run the gamut musically, from really heavy, almost dent-like parts in some songs, to lush U2-style clean parts with all the effects that go with it. Their songs are really well constructed and flow well together. They have a few screams here and there, but their strong-suit is definitely their melodic heaviness. Download some free songs on the ReverbNation page and check them out. And look for the new stuff they plan on recording this summer.

Finally, The Ivory Structure hit the stage. If you want loud, aggressive music in the vein of Norma Jean or A Day to Remember, then you're really going to love this band. They hit the stage with The Kill Box, a song that shows a lot of what they do. It starts off with a cool clean intro that builds and builds until they finally kick into the heavy groove of the song. Lots of groove and lots of changes. A fun band to check out, with the singer and drummer trading a lot of vocal parts throughout the songs, both clean and screaming. I've been hearing a lot about the band around town, and if you are looking for bands that sound like this, check out The Ivory Structure.

I'll be posting individual band profiles in the next few days, so be on the lookout for them. See you guys out in the clubs next week as I go check out more bands! Send in your band's gig info, or tell us where your favorite band is playing and I'll go see them!