El Paso is full of such wonderful buildings full of spooky history that it's hard to believe there aren't more horror movies filmed in the Sun City. Usually the movies that involve El Paso revolve around the border and the war on drugs. Sure, there's "Glory Road" which tells the story of the late great Don Haskins, but for the most part movies that feature El Paso also feature the border. You can check out a list of movies that featured or filmed in El Paso by clicking here.

Because it's almost Halloween, I thought it'd be great to look around the Sun City to see where could a horror movie be filmed? Obviously there are some great locations that could totally be the set of a horror film- but there are some that may surprise you like:

The House on Silver Avenue. 


Many of the stories that come from this residence have been debunked. It's just a house with a normal family living in it, but it doesn't stop the stories from coming. It's hard not to make up stories when the house looks like that! It's almost reminiscent to the "Murder House" in "American Horror Story." How many houses have a tower?! This location would be great for a haunted house/paranormal activity style movie.

Monteleone's Ristorante 

Monteleone's Ristorante via FB

This location has actually been on TV! It was featured on the SyFy show "Paranormal Witness"- the episode was titled "Dining with the Dead." In the episode, the owners of Monteleone's recount the paranormal experiences they've had in the restaurant. The interior of the restaurant, if you've never been, is spooky enough to make you a believer. This location would be great for a "Paranormal Activity" style movie. FUN FACT: I used to live at that location years before it became a restaurant.

The Magoffin Home State Historic Site 

Magoffin Home Historic State Site via FB

Another great location full of history and the center of many haunted encounters. The location would be perfect for horror movie full of ghosts- "13 Ghosts" style!

St. Patrick Cathedral


How crazy would a demonic/exorcism movie be if it involved this beautiful location? The inside alone is enough to make you drop a few "Our Father's".

The Plaza Hotel Pioneer Park 

The Plaza Hotel Pioneer Park via FB

Arguably one of the most beautiful buildings downtown, this hotel is rich in history. Despite closing in 1991, it's reopened and reimagined for a new generation but how amazing would this location be for a horror film set in the 1930's where guests check in but never check out?

The Plaza Theater 

Joanna Barba

The Plaza Theater has had tons of talent walk through their doors throughout the years, but what if some of them never left? This location would be great for a haunting horror film.

El Paso High School 

El Paso High School Facebook

Of course I had to add this location to the list! This is arguably the most haunted locations in El Paso. Sure the haunted stories are perfect for horror movies, but this is a high school and a lot of my favorite horror movies involve high school students- most of them slasher films. This location would be great for a killer on the loose and students have to find shelter in the halls of this huge old school.

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