I saw this segment that got me thinking about my top 4 local celebrities I would want to drink a beer with. Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen were discussing four people Seth would like to smoke with. So then I got to thinking who I would want to have a drink with that would be interesting. I had a hard time with my list just because someone who I would have liked to have a drink with passed away. That person who would have been on my four local celebrities I want to drink with was Magic Mike. A LOT of people really enjoyed his company from the stories I have heard from others. If I had the chance to hang out with 4 of my favorite local celebrities would be Felipa Solis, Robert Bettes, Beto O' Rourke, and Cory Herman. If you’re wondering why Chuck DeBroder didn’t make the cut is because I’ve already had a drink with him.

  • Felipa Solis Facebook
    Felipa Solis Facebook

    Felipa Solis

    I remember watching her and enjoyed her news segment growing up. I also would hear how generous she is with her time. My uncle told me stories about how working with her was amazing. My uncle would help organize benefits when he worked at United Way and American Heart Association. She is the woman that has empowering and beautiful stories to tell.

  • Robert Bettes Facebook
    Robert Bettes Facebook

    Robert Bettes

    This dude sure reminds me of a better version of Jim Carrey! He always had me laughing the times he did the weather. He had me laughing so hard my face cheeks hurt! So you bet this dude would be part of the grab a beer with a local celebrity list. I can just imagine how much my face would hurt after grabbing a drink with him!

  • Steve Kaplowitz.
    Steve Kaplowitz.

    Cory Herman

    The El Paso Rhino's Coach, Cory Herman is my next pick to have a drink with. We would definitely give cheers to the championship he pushed the Rhino's hockey team to! Hearing a story about victory and winning a trophy would be a great story to hear over a beer.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Beto O' Rourke

    My final pick likes to skateboard, enjoys a Whataburger from time to time and is loved by many. Hopefully you guessed right, but in case you didn't ..Beto O' Rourke! He is someone who would be a genuine listener and care to hear your opinion. Not a lot of people have that kind of quality.

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