I am so proud that my hometown El Paso, Texas is considered part of the top 4 for America's sunniest cities. I know this kind of news shouldn't come as a surprise to El Pasoans who have lived here most of their life. After all, El Paso isn't called the Sun City for nothing since we were ranked top 4 for America's sunniest cities. We all know our weather can be playful at times. We also know how El Paso can be warm one day to cold the next when we hit the fall season. As I had mentioned before sometimes it feels like El Paso is in a custody battle between summer and winter. I know it can get frustrating at times when you never know what kind of weather to expect in El Paso. But one thing for sure is we sure are lucky to live in one of the top 4 sunniest cities.

Residents in El Paso, Texas definitely get their fair share of vitamin D. El Paso's sunny days averages at about 83% of annual sunshine in town. I am just glad we have a pretty high average of sunny days compared to the least sunny cities. The average of possible sunshine for the least sunny cities ranged from 32% to 45% of annual sunshine. The other sunniest cities that placed before El Paso were Phoenix, Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada. I am pleased that El Paso, Texas ranked pretty high since it is one of the reasons why I love my city.

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