This is the new I live for. Applebee's is killing it lately with their "Neighborhood Drink of the Month." Many complain that their drink specials are watered down, but I can attest that their drinks are anything but watered down. Their drink of the month is usually $1 so it helps out when someone like me, you know, a girl on a budget needs to get her drink on.This month's drink promotion is perfect for summer: the $1 vodka raspberry lemonade!


That's right, for just one dollar you can enjoy this refreshing drink made with real lemons and very real vodka, all the month of June. Say what you want about Applebee's, but for someone on a budget this is a great deal for day drinking; especially in this summer heat! Between this and their new loaded fajitas, this is where you can find me all of June! Grab your squad and head in to your nearest Applebee's to enjoy this neighborhood drink of the month!

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