This may not seem like something but it definitely isn't worth ignoring. Can you imagine doing or saying something that landed you some recognition worldwide? Okay, maybe not worldwide but imagine your epic fail or news report being featured on Barstool Sports Instagram. Well, a couple of El Pasoans were featured on Barstool Sports Instagram which is based out of New York. After Cardi B postponed KFOX news Keenan Willard did quite the report that has been gaining him some fame locally and sort of ..... I would feel pretty stoked knowing that people over 2,000 miles away are able to see my funny live report all the way in New York. Keenan Willard was not the only one who was featured on Barstool Sports. Remember the Utep grad Joana Barbacoa was worried about? Well, he was also was featured on Barstool Sports for his painful to watch flip on the stage. You know you've gone somewhat viral if you're being featured on Barstool Sports Instagram that's a couple of thousand miles away!

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