Every year, you read the same old Halloween stories about costumes and candy. Most of what you see focuses on the treats part and trick or treat, so this year I take a stand and focus on the 'trick' part.

Here are four of the goofiest Halloween pranks I've come across:

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Photo by Marques Williams on Unsplash

A classic prank that's both hilarious and which leads to frustrate and inconvenience any potential pranking target. Nobody likes to reach for the door handle to their home and emerge to find your hand drenched in the oily goop that is Vaseline.


Image: Getty

Definitely a newer prank and one the that begs the question why is this even a prank? And I think the answer lies in just the time suck having to pick up a bunch of plastic forks from your yard is, which is prize enough for the prank worthy.


Image: Getty

I'm a big fan of shaving cream pranks because they are easy to clean up, and leave a pleasant just shaved kinda smell. For this prank you'll need enough cans of shaving cream to completely encase your targets car in a thick layer of shaving cream. Imagine frosting a giant cake on Cake Boss. Then the beauty of this prank is that it allows you to leave messages of encouragement... and warning.


Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Taking a traditional prank and putting a new spin on it, I think cooked egging is the way to go. Before, you would just drive by your Target's house and lob a few cartons of perfectly good eggs that might actually do damage to a person's home or windows. That's why I say you cook up a big batch of scrambled eggs before you go out Halloween night, and throw them at whoever deserves a good Halloween trick. Not only is it humiliating to be hit with cooked eggs but if they're hungry they can also munch on it.

Tradition used to be kids would ask for a treat and if you didn't have it Halloween night you would get the trick. I think tricks should be harmless and all in good fun but still enough to make a statement, " hey buy better candy next year." And if you're having trouble thinking of pranks no worries just use any of the ones from Home Alone One Or Two, but not three because Home Alone 3 SUCKED.

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