Ah, The KLAQ BBQ. After a brief hiatus, it returned and it did not disappoint! I got to spend all of Saturday at Wet N' Wild, I even got to judge the Backyard Griller competition for best burger.

Trust that those burgers were delicious and afterwards all I could do was float down the Little Rio. And while I enjoyed my day out in the sun and water, I had a bunch of thoughts. Buckle in because it's time for my thoughts at the KLAQ BBQ.

  1. Putting on my swimsuit, I should have started going to the gym at the beginning of the year, not last week. Well, this is as good as it's gonna get.
  2. Why is it always windy when I come to the water park?! I need it to get hotter than Satan's house cat so that I could enjoy the cool water ASAP as possible.
  3. Trying to decide which pool to go into first is always a fight with my nephews, one wants the wave pool, the other wants to go to the little Rio. I'm making an executive decision, we're going to the one with the cave.
  4. I'm gonna have to travel to the pools with my flip flops because I don't have those water shoes...
  5. I hope no one accidentally mistakes my flip flops for theirs. I'll just leave them behind this bush
  6. The water is colder than the arctic tears of a polar bear!
  7. Did I just see a guy wearing socks into the water? Those were definitely socks
  8. I know I should just submerge myself in the water and not slowly lower myself into it, but I cannot do that as my lower half is now frozen.
  9. There's a breeze!
  10. There's too many children splashing here. If water hits my back I will smack a child.
  11. Water just hit my back and it was freezing. I will smack the child, but which child was it?! There's too many here!
  12. I finally submerged myself and proceeded to hug the cave walls because it's the only thing warm here.
  13. I'm seeing A LOT of confidence here. Okay, work it.
  14. Alright, I'm good, I've acclimated to the cold water and I am ready to hit the rides.
  15. OMG, is that the line for the Amazon? Next!
  16. Okay, Raging Rapids. I'm down.
  17. One of my nephews wants to get on the Screamer. It's so early. Maybe I can convince them to try another ride.
  18. Did I just see another guy wearing socks? Socks in the pool?
  19. That didn't work. I guess I'm getting on the Screamer.
  20. I need to bring my heart rate back to normal after the Screamer. I'm gonna float at the Little Rio.
  21. How long have I been floating here? I need to go judge some burgers!
  22. I feel like this burger judging is something I was made for. I watch a lot of Food Network and "Chopped" I am ready for this!
  23. Three burgers in and I am full! We still have four more!
  24. Those burgers were delicious but I don't want to see burgers for a long time. I've had my fill.
  25. I can't get into the water just yet. I need a nap.
  26. I guess I can chill at that pool with the cave. I'm gonna take my margarita.
  27. Wait, I can't drink my margarita in the pool? There is literally a beer can in the cave!
  28. Whatever. I'll chug it before I go in the pool.
  29. Okay, that is ANOTHER guy wearing socks!
  30. Why is everyone wearing socks?
  31. My nephew is obsessed with us all reapplying sunblock, so we gotta go put some more on. Good on him, he just cares about us.
  32. Ooh, there's a DJ at the wave pool!
  33. All those burgers and chugging that margarita was probably not a good combo with the Wave pool. I'm tapping out of this!
  34. Okay, that lifeguard is wearing socks! Why is everyone wearing socks? Should I be wearing socks?!
  35. Note to self: Next time rent a tube.

No, seriously, why were people wearing socks? Next time I go to Wet N' Wild, I'll have to try the sock trend, it doesn't seem so bad. At the end of the day, I had some good food and good fun. We hope you had fun at the KLAQ BBQ as well!

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