"Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" is officially out and I am fresh out of the theater. Lisa and I decided to do a day movie date and hit Bassett for the matinee showing of the movie.

Now, you may be asking yourself why would it matter what I think about the movie- well, I will have you know that I am not that fluent in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I never even saw the first "Doctor Strange". So I went into it almost clueless. However, I did enjoy it. Here are 30 NO SPOILER thoughts I had while watching "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness".

1. Doctor Strange speaks Spanish? That's hot.

2. Am I supposed to know who this guy at the wedding is?

3. Awkward, Dr. Strange is at his ex's wedding.

4. I really should have watched the first "Doctor Strange"

5. Imagine you're at your wedding and suddenly your ex-super hero boyfriend goes to save the city. I'd be upset.

6. This eyeball monster reminds me of the fortune cookie scene from "IT"

7. I like how Wong shows up just in the nick of time

8. This explanation of multiverses is confusing. Which multiverse are we in??

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9. Well, Wanda has really gone off the deep end.

10. I should have watched "WandaVision".

11. Scarlet Witch is good at tracking down the weak link. I wish I had that power.

12. Okay, why did that look like a scene out of "The Ring"?!

13. It definitely feels like a Sam Raimi movie right now.

14. There's a paint multiverse?

15. Everybody in this eco-friendly universe is wearing a hat- why??

16. Incoming, Bruce Campbell cameo!

17. I should have really watched that first "Doctor Strange"

18. Damn, Wanda's kids are annoying.

19. That Illuminati reveal! (Everyone knew this one was coming!)

20. Wanda be looking like "Carrie" right now.

21. This movie defintiely is giving some "horror" vibes.

22. I really should have watched "What If...?"

23. I really should have watched "WandaVision"

24. What creepy multiverse is this and what's with this creepy Strange?

25. What the hell am I watching? When did this turn into a musical?

26. Finally! I was promised zombies!

27. Huh, I don't know how to feel about that ending?

28. There's a mid-credit scene, of course, and I don't get it!

29. There's a post credit scene. HIlarious.

30. Someone explain the ending to me!

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