There are 2 movie theaters in El Paso that you might want to start avoiding if you hate "junk fees" - WHY? AMC Theaters announced that they will begin charging patrons more money for better seats. The ones that won't break your neck.

That's right, a caste system for movie theater seating.

It's called Sightline at AMC. According to it's website:

We’re excited to introduce Sightline at AMC, a value-based program that provides moviegoers with multiple seating options to meet their viewing preferences. Now, you can choose to reserve seats in our Standard Sightline Section or see the same movie for less in our Value Sightline Section (front rows). For the best viewing experience, upgrade to our Preferred Sightline Section (mid-center rows).

No word yet on exact pricing, but details have been released about when and where Sightline at AMC will be beginning. According to a news release, the new system will be in place at all of its United States theaters by the end of the year.

The El Paso locations that will be affected are AMC El Paso 16 located at 9840 Gateway N Blvd., and AMC CLASSIC East Pointe 12 located at 8300 Gateway East, Suite 200/300.

According to CNN, AMC said a seating map will show the adjusted prices and Sightline will only be used on showings after 4 pm. This also excludes Tuesdays, allowing guests seeking the lowest ticket price to take advantage of the Discount Matinee and Discount Tuesday programs.

AMC is the largest movie exhibition company in the United States, with approximately 950 theatres and 10,500 screens across the entire globe.

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