With much of 2020 cancelled, our daily life has been interrupted. Remember going to concerts? Remember walking around, aimlessly, at Marshalls smelling EVERY candle in the aisle? These last few weeks indoors have made people stop and actually reevaluate their daily life. It has me questioning: "how much time did I actually waste going down all the aisles in Target?"

Despite many states beginning the process of opening up, many businesses are still taking social distancing measures to limit the the spread of the virus as much as possible. While we may begin to start doing the things we liked, it's not the same as it was before. It also leads to the question: What's going to happen when everything eventually opens up? How are gyms going to function while maintaining social distancing? How are we all going to be able to go to concerts- would we have to wear a mask? As states open up, we all have to start accepting a new way of life that includes masks and social distancing.

All this time indoors has made people fantasize about walking down the aisle. No, not the aisle you may be thinking of, although lot of couples did have to cancel their wedding. On Twitter, users have shared the aisles they cannot wait to walk down once all this is over. These are as simple as a walk down the aisles in airplanes, to a walk down to your seat at Southwest University Park. Just imagine how glorious those first few steps will be!


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