Authorities discovered a horrifying scene where animals were being cut up, drained of blood and more for possible ritual animal sacrifices in Texas. Police were called in the San Antonio area to a home where people believed animals were being sacrificed and killed for some sort of rituals. When the authorities arrived on scene, they saw people inside a garage where a woman was cutting up "animal parts" and another person was even draining a chicken of blood and storing the blood into a container.

Sergeant Elizabeth Gonzalez told My San Antonio:

"It appears that they were having some sort of unknown ritual. They were speaking a different language the officer did not recognize. During the investigation deputies found multiple dead and mutilated animals inside the residence as well, including 'goat heads' and more chickens."

11 men and women were arrested and the Bexar County Animal Control Services rescued more animals from the property. Neighbors said that the family who lived in the home were quiet and kept to themselves but that they would sometimes see them outside in a white apron and thought it was odd. The authorities haven't commented more on whether or not those arrested were prating a religious ceremony with the dead animals.

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