It's no surprise that Mia Khalifa is one of the biggest adult actresses in the world. Just take a look at what she has to offer and try not to fall in love.

She's only 22 years of age and she's already become a juggernaut in the adult entertainment industry, even becoming PornHub's number one searched-for actress shortly after her debut, which was in October 2014. Mia Khalifa has a knockout body, standing at 5'2" and boasting eye-popping measurements of 34DD-26-40. We'd hate for her to have back problems, so any one of us would be glad to volunteer to help her bear her burden.

Mia Khalifa came to the States from Lebanon and currently resides in Miami, Florida. She also happens to be a huge fan of Florida State University's Seminoles and happens to be considered their unofficial mascot. That's one mascot we would shy away from, if she approached us at the stadium with her antics. On top of being a sports fan, she also happens to be an avid reader and often shares what she's reading with her fans. Mia's pretty much the perfect woman and we'd jump at the chance to get close to her in any capacity.

Become a fan of Mia's by following her on Instagram and Twitter. You'll be kept updated on her life and her experiences in the adult industry while also being treated to all of her great, sexy pictures. You won't be disappointed.

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