Back in August, we told you UTEP alum and former El Pasoan Mia Khalifa was on the celebrity video-sharing site Cameo, where fans can request personalized videos from their favorites celebs for a monetary fee. It seems everyone is on the site, from sports stars like NFL Hall of Famer Troy Aikman, all the way down to random people on reality shows (Buzz would probably pay big money for one of the "90 Day Fiancee people).

Khalifa might have been raking in the dough from Cameo, but all that money she donated to a good cause- the Lebanese Red Cross. Now, she's turned her sights to help out other charities.

Cameo isn't the only site Khalifa is on. Since September Mia Khalifa has been on OnlyFans, the content subscription service where people make money interacting with their subscribers. Mia Khalifa has made some serious cash on the site, walking away with a reported $7-million a month per Ebaums World.

Don't think Mia is just pocketing all that cash. If we learned anything about her time on Cameo, the internet personality has donated more than $160 thousand dollars to various charities. She made the incredible announcement on her Instagram page:

"I just want to thank everyone who has supported me on Only Fans since September. You guys have helped me donate over $160k to charities and organizations that mean the most to me, I’m so grateful for the platform and all the incredible, strong, determined women I’ve met through the internet because of it. You guys have taught me so much and helped me grow as a person in more ways than I can ever thank you for."

Mia Khalifa may be known for her other massive assets, including her sassy mouth, but the biggest part of her body really is her heart.

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