Tik Tok trends come and go, some are funny, weird, or just plain stupid. But then there are Tik Tok trends that are actually making a difference. There's a new Tik Tok trend where users are sharing their stories of times they were sexualized at a young age or forced to grow up quickly. The videos are set to the Cage The Elephant song "Cigarette Dreams" with the lyrics "Cigarette daydreams, you were only 17."

One video that's gone viral is from the Tik Tok user @oreo_mlkshake who stated:

"I can't wear my glasses because the high school boys keep saying I look like Mia Khalifa with them, and it makes me uncomfortable."


@oreo_mlkshake13 ##foryou ##MyColoredHair ##JuntosImparables ##FordMaverick ##youwereonly17♬ c i g a r e t t e d a y d r e a m s - ᴀᴜᴅɪᴏs ☠︎︎

Mia Khalifa is the former El Pasoan who became famous after starring in porn videos. Since then, she has quit the adult industry and has focused her career on other aspects of the entertainment industry including guest commentary, writing, modeling, and more. The video has been viewed almost 10 million times and it even caught the attention of Mia Khalifa herself, who dueted with the girl to share a video of herself crying while watching the first video. She apologized in the caption of her video, saying she doesn't "wear them anymore for this reason."

@miakhalifa ##duet with @oreo_mlkshake I’m so sorry. I don’t wear them anymore for this reason. ♬ c i g a r e t t e d a y d r e a m s - ᴀᴜᴅɪᴏs ☠︎︎

Khalifa's video has been viewed over 39 million times and the @oreo_mlkshake responded telling Khalifa:

"No you don't understand. This wasn't ever your fault. You're an inspiring woman. We all love you Mia."

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Many commenters agreed, putting the blame on the men who thought it was ok to sexualize a 13-year-old girl over something as ordinary as a pair of reading glasses. The original glasses Khalifa wore in the films she auctioned off for charity.

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