In a fun video, several El Pasoans are asked to name six popular El Paso figures. While many on the board are known for their great achievements, one proved to be way more popular than the rest!

Check out this video Monster Link Marketing released after they decided to give some unsuspecting El Pasoans a pop quiz and asked them if they they could name all six El Paso figures.

As you can see, one proved to be extra popular: Mia Khalifa!

The others on the board? Mayor Oscar Leeser- like, he's the current mayor! Also on the board was singer-songwriter Khalid- who attributes much of his success to El Paso, Green Bay running back Aaron Jones- who is also a big representative of El Paso, Influencer Les Do Makeup and, of course, professional wrestler and El Paso icon Eddie Guerrero.

Now, it would be unfair to say that NO ONE in El Paso recognized the others, this short video is not representative of all of El Paso. But it was kind of funny to see that these contestants first answer was Mia Khalifa!

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If you are not aware of who Mia Khalifa is, welcome to your first day on the internet. Mia Khalifa is a former UTEP graduate who became famous after starring in some adult videos. Since then, she has quit the adult industry and has focused her career on other aspects of the entertainment industry including guest commentary, writing, modeling, and so much more.

The former UTEP hottie is definitely keeping busy and proving she's more than just a one time adult star; but I guess her legacy lives on, especially in the heart of many. You can see what Mia is up to these days here.

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