Las Cruces

Human Rights Spokesman to Talk Immigration Crisis on MoSho
On Tuesday's show, we'll be talking to Fernando Garcia, who is a spokesman for the Border Network for Human Rights. His group believes that the U.S. Should have a more welcoming policy toward immigrants, especially children. Check out some of the questions we have!
Judas Priest Surprises MoSho
I remember talking to Bob, our NYC producer, about Judas Priest being on the morning show when I got back from vacation. Then I went on vacation. Check out what happen next!
Recap Of Last Nights MLS Game At The Sun Bowl
Last nights game Chivas vs Cruzeiro at the Sun Bowl. Rocked. I had a blast and found out something cool about soccer plus there was some celebrity sightings. I think this might be the coolest thing people do at major league games. Check out the video!
Big Booty Girl Twerks On Fernie
Buzz doesn’t like EDM concerts but I love attending them. It’s even better when the concert is at a water park, involves neon paint and a big booty friend of mine. Check out the video inside!

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