Besides being a porn fluffer, I'm pretty certain getting paid to play on and work with Buzz, Teresa, Duke, Mando, Glenn, Scott, Rick, Super Mario and the entire KLAQ crew is pretty much the perfect job. While I check out like it's my job, (it is) here's some great stuff you may have missed from the past week while working YOUR jobs. If there's something you'd like to see more of on the site, leave your comments at the bottom of this post.

  • Crazy CAPTCHA -- The Internet's Jerk

    By Buzz

    I'll admit it -- I'm a nerd who spends so much time on the Internet I should really change my legal address to something with a "www." Whether you're as Internet-obsessed as I am or not, you've probably found yourself cursing at CAPTCHA -- those barely legible letters you have to enter on certain sites to prove you're human. Buzz was prompted to enter a disturbing CAPTCHA this week and wrote a hilarious post about it. (I'm pretty fond of the one Buzz posted a pic of in his post that spells "homosex gravy," personally.

  • Best Tacos in El Paso -- Your Top 5

    By Lauren

    I've now been to El Paso twice (with many more trips to come!) and I've witnessed the great taco discussion first-hand. Lauren, our El Paso-based computer babe, set out to settle the discussion by asking you guys on Facebook where you think the best tacos in town are to be had. You guys had a lot to say on this very important issue, and Lauren put together your answers in a Top 5 list. Of course, now my mouth is watering and I'm in New York, but next time I'm in town, I know where to get my taco fill. Did your favorite taco joint (I'm sure that's not the first time the words "taco" and "joint" have been next to each other) win? Check it out!

  • A Creepy Guy's Video to his Girlfriend -- Teresa's EEEW! of the Day

    By Teresa

    While Teresa is usually the softer side of, bringing us adorable puppies and kittens we'll never admit to tearing up over, this week she brought us something intended to be sweet, but ended up being anything but. Being obsessed with all things Internet, I can't get enough of this kid and his ever-so-creepy video to his girlfriend, Briona. If you haven't watched it yet, check it out. Warning: Watching this video may result in lots of shuddering and lost breakfast.

  • Listen Live!

    The listen live page is, without question, my most-visited page on While KLAQ doesn't reach NYC over the airways, I can always listen online and KLAQ is at the top of my favorites in the RadioPup (FREE download!) app. I listen to the morning show every day while riding among miserable commuters, who glare at me when I burst out laughing, on the train. No matter where you go, you can take KLAQ with you! (Insert cheesy smile here.)

  • El Pasoan Appears on the Discovery Channel [VIDEO]

    By Glenn Garza

    What's better than guys with guns? Well, besides hot chicks with (unloaded) guns. Glenn wrote about an El Pasoan who was featured on the Discovery Channel's 'Sons of Guns.' My favorite part of the post is the video of Glenn himself at the Tactical Ranch.