Hey El Paso! It's been a while and I miss you guys! While I may have been MIA lately, super awesome, fantastic, amazing posts on KLAQ.com haven't been! Check out some of the best to move across the wall on KLAQ.com:

Super Mario's post about an elderly Army vet living in deplorable conditions absolutely broke my heart. The photos are horrific, but it's amazing (and doesn't surprise me) that you awesome listeners are pitching it to help out. Check out his post to see why you should consider getting involved and how you can do it!







I don't think I even need to explain why this is awesome. Local Computer Babe, Lauren, found Onya Cox wandering around the recent tattoo festival. When asked where she had her favorite tattoo, Onya was quick to whip out her vag. Gotta respect a girl comfortable enough in her own, umm, skin, to do that. Check out what went into making the tattoo that GLOWS IN THE DARK! I guess that's one way to get guys from going for the "wrong hole" in the dark!





The Carnival of Madness is a week away and we have everything you need to know to go to the show and all the cool info about the bands playing to impress those seated near you at it. Check out Ronson's top Carnival of Madness videos, how to win cool seats, and all things Evanescence, Halestorm, Chevelle and New Medicine on our Carnival of Madness page! (And then go to the show and have so much fun for me and I'll pretend I'm not TOTALLY jealous!)








If I wasn't jealous about not being able to make it to the Carnival of Madness, I'm totally sad that I missed the Mexican Food Cook-Off, not only because the food looked AMAZING, but because I didn't get to see the Mariachi Los Huevos Magnificos, featuring Buzz, Ray and Johnnie Walker, perform. :( At least, thanks to Johnnie post, I can feel like I was there by watching them rehearse AND perform.







The boobs may have a new name, but they're just as plentiful as ever. What's better than getting a daily dose of local chichis? Nothing. You can check them all out here! You're welcome.