I am simultaneously delighted to learn a new term and appalled by it.


Five minutes ago, I found out what CAPTCHA is. That is to say, I’ve known what it is for several years, but I only just now learned what it’s called.  This is CAPTCHA:










If you have ever used a computer then you know what this is. CAPTCHA is the swirly looking letter, numbers and combination of letters and numbers that websites use to verify that they are dealing with an actual person and not a computer program or ‘bot, possibly Sky-Net itself. You are able to vaguely make out the words shown. Sky net could not.


While signing up for something online today, I received the following CAPTCHA:















That’s right. I was asked to type in the name of one of the most infamous Nazi concentration camps so I would be able to play Knights of the Old Republic online. Nice.


So, how do they select the name used in CAPTCHA? Apparently, it’s one big turkey-shoot. Just a random generation of characters.
















That sometimes spell out “Shitwo”.  You know what they say about an infinite number of chimpanzees in a room with an infinite number of typewriter.  They would eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare. Also, the smell would be almost unbearable!













WDFUC?!? That’s a good question. WDFUC, CAPTCHA?












Sometimes, the security feature generates two words. So that would make it much less likely that a dirty or inappropriate message would be gener…






Oh, for crying out loud, CAPTCHA!  No amount of typing chimps would ever come up with “homosex gravy”!! What do you have to say for yourself!?











Real mature, Captcha. Reeeal mature.


After seeing some of these Captcha images, I’m not nearly as shocked by my “dachau” one. Still, I can only imagine how offensive and shocking that might be to a Jewish person. I ran it by a couple of my friends who are Jewish to get their reaction.


ME: Hey, Steve, check out what the computer just made me type in!

JEW 1: Dac…duck…what’s that say? Duckout?

ME; NO..Dachau!

JEW 1: What’s “Dachau”?



ME: Say, boss, check out this CAPTCHA I just got. Can you make it out?

JEW 2:  Hmmmm, douche?

ME: No! Not “douche”. Dachau!

JEW 2: (blank stare)

ME:  Dachau, like the Nazi prison camp?

JEW2: (Nothing).


Obviously, some people have gotten over it more than me. Still, I’m still a little shaken that I was given what has to be the most anti-Semitic CAPTCHA security phrase of all ti…



You’re a real prick sometimes, CAPTCHA, you know that?