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Wanna Win Some Cool Metallica Stuff?
During the special, listen for me to give you a secret code word. Starting Monday, you can enter that word in the Q Freeloaders section at KLAQ.com for a chance to win cool Metallica prizes.
How El Paso Area Rockers Pay The Bills
When a band gets to megastar levels, money isn't an issue. As they work their way toward that though, well ... they 'gotta do what they 'gotta do.
A Few Thoughts Before Election Day
Beneath all the "us vs. them" mentalities, misinformation, hateful rhetoric and general stupidity you hear and see everywhere lies one very important truth.
How To Really Scare El Pasoans
If you want to scare folks in the Borderland, you have to think a little outside the box. Here are a few ways to make a more "El Paso-ish" haunted house.