This has to the first time rescue crews are working to save zombies. Bet they wish they were the swimming dead. Get it?

NOTE: Since this video doesn't want to embed for some reason, click here to see the awesome zombies being pulled from the water. Until then, here is video of one of the zombies being pulled up from the watery grave.

A Halloween themed barge sank on Halloween and rescue crews in Chicago have been working ever since then to rescue as much of the Halloween items as possible. Which means they have already pulled out a few of the zombies from the frigid waters. The owner of the barge said it was heartbreaking to see all their hard work sink to the bottom of the muddy waters. The name of barge? Zombie Containment. Unfortunately, the barge wasn't able to keep their zombies contained and now they are floating all over Lake Michigan.

Winds that day were over 70 mph that day, and waves on the lake reached up to 21 feet high in some areas. The owner said there were about 50 life-like zombies on board the barge and with only a handful being found so far, there are many more in the water. The Coast Guard are going to have an interesting time trying to find them all. I see lots of calls of "bodies floating in the water" in the next coming weeks.

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