I remember the nights I went out with my friends and watch a brawl go down.

Those were some crazy times then and also sort of frightening. Luckily my group of friends and I knew most of the staff and bosses of the places we partied at back in 2008.

So if there ever was a problem or an altercation the staff always had our backs. We didn't necessarily have to throw down since it was stopped before anything could happen and the others were thrown out.

I remember a few years ago when I would go out with friends I would always look around for different exits if something bad ever went down.

Well, it has been a really long time since I have been out to a nightclub or bar.

One Friday evening I scrolled through YouTube videos of El Paso bar fights just for fun. There were some fights I just couldn't believe went on as long as they did.

I wanted to share some of the fights I thought were the craziest that happened in El Paso.

These fights don't just include the men, some videos also include the ladies as well.

I couldn't let just the men have all the glory in this story. Just as you can see some chicks arguing in La Entourage by Eddie Barreti's video below. Hell, some women in the fights got downright dirty when they threw blows.

It's crazy how most of the fights took place at Union Plaza Downtown. It has been a long while since you've heard about a bar fight since the pandemic started. If you would like to see some action check out the videos below of some of the craziest fights that happened.

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