Learn how you can borrow entire albums for free by getting a library card, with no late fees. There are a ton of music services and apps that are available now for people to use. You can get them on your phone, on your computer and enjoy some of your favorite music artists wherever you are. But for these services, you have to pay a monthly fee or deal with lots of advertisements. The City of El Paso's Public Library want to help people in the community gain access to classic and even current music and make it as easy as possible! They are doing just that and all you need to participate is a library card.

Head down to one of the 12 local library branches and apply for a library card, which is free to citizens of El Paso. After, you can download Hoopla Digital on your smart phone, tablet or view it on your computer. You can then set up a free account with your library credentials. The best part? There are no late fees associated with borrowing music with Hoopla Digital. For more information on the service, you can call the library at (915) 212- 7323, visit the Hoopla Digital website, or the El Paso Public Library.

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