What do you get when you take hits from Papa Roach and Alice Cooper, mix in liberal doses of StreetFest peeps and freaks, a few beautiful ladies, a few beautiful ladies in a mosh pit, art, cool cars, cool car art, fireworks and maybe you? You get the StreetFest video salute! 'Cuz life is better with a montage.

Having seen all 15 StreetFests, 2017's version was among the best for music. Every one of the Budweiser Main Stage acts was solid! From Dokken delivering hit after hit, Starset's awesome blend of music and tech, In This Moment's choreography and costumes with Maria Brink's voice, Jesse James Dupree and Jackyl being the incredibly fun band they've always been, Papa Roach absolutely rocking and Alice Cooper bringing his amazing freak show, there was a musical buffet of greatness where nothing clashed and everything flowed. It really made for two incredible nights of music and fun.

What's fun? The food. The tchotchkes. The artists doing their bit to reflect the beauty of the Sun City. Dealing with the inevitable StreetFest 15-minute downpour. Watching Alice Cooper and his crew try to throw giant beach balls into the crowd, then watching the El Paso wind blowing them all right back on stage!

Then there was you! Maybe you were The Mad Hatter. Maybe you were red, white and blue drunk guy with the balloon animal. Maybe you were that girl in the mosh pit dishing out the pain. Regardless, StreetFest wouldn't be StreetFest without you! You'll find pieces of all this and more in the video.

Thank you for 15 amazing years, El Paso; and here's to Sweet 16!

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