Another StreetFest has come and gone. It was really a great weekend. It was especially exciting for me because I got to meet Jonathan Davis! Everyone usually thinks just because I work at the station I get to meet the rockstars all the time; I don't. So when my boss asked if I wanted to, I jumped at the opportunity. I'm a big fan of Jonathan, and when I told my sister and nephew well, they too were ecstatic. But imagine my surprise on the big day when things just didn't seem to be going smoothly for me. Here's 25 thoughts I had leading up to and when meeting Jonathan Davis.

1. It's 3:45 and I still haven't finished getting ready. We're supposed to meet up at 4:30!
2. OMG. My sister and nephew aren't ready either! Screw it, I'll do my makeup in the car!
3. 4:15 and we're finally on the road. Oh right, I'm not wearing any makeup, guess I should start that.
4. Dammit, El Paso! Your streets and construction are ruining this for me!
5. 4:43- Call from Emily asking if I'm going. Yes! Just gotta find parking!
6. $10 for parking?! Take my money, I'm late!
7. Did my sister just bring the movie "Queen of the Damned" for him to sign?
8. I am sweating like an ice water pitcher and I'm still trying to get through the front gate. I hope Jonathan doesn't notice my sweat.
9. Finally inside the theater but WHERE DO I GO?!
10. Dubba G is coming to get me because I've never done meet and greets and don't know where to go!
11. What is with all these stairs?! I am out of shape.
12. I made it! I made it! It's ten after five, but I'm here.
13. Yup, my sister actually brought the movie "Queen of the Damned" for him to sign.
14. This theater is scary. Like, "The Gallows" scary.
15. Dubba G is telling us a ghost story. Why would he do that?!
16. Okay, he's there and ready for pictures. Line is moving, it's happening!
17. I have a my sister and nephew with me, I wonder if we can take the picture all together?
18. Asking security if we can all take the picture with him, he said yes! Alright!
19. OMG, we're next!
20. Should I tell Jonathan the story of when I was 15 and my dad didn't want me wearing black shirts anymore so he ripped my shirts and threw them away while I was at school and one of them was a Korn shirt? Too much?
21. Be cool, Joanna, be cool.
22. *Shaking his hand* Hi, nice to meet you, OMG what do I say?! I can't think!
23. Is my nephew going to cry? He looks like he wants to cry.
24. OMG my sister is pulling the movie out of her purse... He was happy to sign it.
25. Walking away... OMG my nephew IS crying!

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