First, the best news of the week for those in my reading audience that are going to see Dennis DeYoung at the KLAQ Downtown Street Festival on Friday: “Mr. Roboto” WILL be prominently featured. Long before it was a punchline in an Austin Powers movie….

…it was a hit single from the 1983 Styx album, “Kilroy Was Here”.

Yes, “Mr. Roboto” was a hit song, peaking at #3 on the Billboard charts when it came out. It is beloved enough now that it has achieved “catchphrase” status. In addition to being referenced in Austin Powers: Goldmember it’s also been featured in Arrested Development, The Simpsons and Futurama.

So…yeah, it’s a part of our shared pop-culture consciousness. And I can’t wait to hear it live!

But, Mr. Roboto wasn’t always as beloved as it is now. Actually, for about 30 years, it wasn’t played at Styx concerts. It was left off Greatest Hits compilations. In fact, according to Wikipedia some fans considered it to be the “song/video that killed Styx”.

In the following conversation with Styx founder, primary vocalist AND primary songwriter, Dennis DeYoung we find out more about the winding road that “Mr. Roboto” has taken. Also, if you listen very closely, Mr. DeYoung makes it sound like there’s maybe….juuuuust maybe….a chance of a band reunion. This would be surprising in that members of the band have described the chances for such a reunion as “when hockey is played on the River Styx” (James Young) and “when Hell freezes over” (Dennis DeYoung himself).

Don’t forget, tickets are still available for both days of the Downtown Street Festival. You can find all the information and links to purchase tickets online right here.

Here’s our interview with Dennis DeYoung.

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