We know which superstars are confirmed to be coming to WWE Live in las Cruces on Saturday, February 11, but here are our guesses as to who might make the trip.

We already know which stars are supposed to be coming, but here are some we think have a good chance of showing up.

This Saturday, we will be getting the Smackdown brand in the Borderland

Stars We Are Hoping Will Come

Nikki Bella

The First Lady to John Cena, it is always highly likely that if one is wrestling, the other is as well. Or maybe even just there to spend time with their significant other. As a huge Total Divas fan and just overall Fearless female, I am praying Nikki Bella will be making an appearance in Las Cruces. This one seems a little unlikely though, with the close proximity to Arizona where her sister Brie lives. (Not to mention Arizona is also where Elimination Chamber will be happening the next night and Brie is pregnant.) Some sisterly bonding time may be better seen in the cards for the Bella twins.


In a rather strange pairing, Carmella has been helping James Ellsworth lately with his look and confidence. Ellsworth is indeed over with the fans so perhaps hanging out at house shows too will help catapult both superstars even higher. Seeing Carmella at a house show seems like it may be likely but who knows.

Renee Young

This is along the same lines as the possibility of Nikki Bella showing up at the house show. As Dean Ambrose's girlfriend, the two do spend a lot more time together on the road. If Jojo is at the Raw house show this weekend, perhaps Renee will be the one in the ring. It would be great to see her, but I think this one is unlikely too.

Who do you think will also show up for the WWE house show on Saturday? Comment below and let us know!

Find out more information about the WWE Live in Las Cruces at the WWE website or purchase tickets at Ticketmaster.

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