This Saturday, February 11, you can see WWE Live at the Pan American Center in Las Cruces! Learn more about some of the Superstars that will be wrestling, and find out who you can root for!

The WWE is a obsession for men, women, kids and adults -- from the TV shows Smackdown and Raw, to the new female obsession Total Divas. And let's be honest, I know a lot of guys that really enjoy watching that show, too. One of the best parts of the WWE is the fact that the company travels all over the world, so you can see your favorite wrestlers up close and personal while cheering loud enough for them to (hopefully) hear you!

This Saturday, we will be getting the Smackdown brand in the Borderland, so if you are more of a Raw fan or want to learn more about the wrestlers before they come, here's a cheat sheet!

Stars We Are Guaranteed To See

John Cena

After years, I'm pretty sure everyone can see him now. After an explosive match against A.J. Styles at the Royal Rumble, we saw Cena take the Championship belt, and deservedly so. His feud with Styles has shown us that Cena is on the top of his game, just like he is on the top of the roster. Even though this man gets so many boos when he comes out, I think it's less about actually disliking him and more about the WWE Live experience.

Dean Ambrose

NOTE: This photo is old but Dean doesn't have an Instagram so I had to scour his girlfriend Renee Young's Insta to get this shot. 

Dean Ambrose is currently in his second reign as the WWE Intercontinental Champion after ousting The Miz at the Royal Rumble. The Miz and Ambrose have been feuding recently but with Wrestlemania only a couple months away, it'll be interesting to see who Ambrose is pitted against in the next coming months. Lucky for us, this weekend we can see him defend his title against the "lone wolf," Baron Corbin.

Baron Corbin

The lone wolf is a wrestler you should get familiar with. Not only is he a massive force in the ring, he's also agile and talks a lot of trash. Not to mention he was just named the Most Metal athlete by Revolver Music Awards. Not hard to name him that when you check out his Instagram which is full of the heavily tattooed superstar hanging out with the likes of Doyle, Anthrax, Gemini Syndrome and more.

A.J. Styles

NOTE: I know this photo is old too but all the pictures on A.J.'s instagram are of him and his family. So this is the best one I could get.

It has almost been exactly a year since A.J. Styles first exploded on the scene back at Royal Rumble 2016. Since then, he has feuded with some of the biggest name in the WWE, mostly recently golden boy John Cena. And no one has given Cena quite the competition like Styles. Their chemistry in the ring has given both of the wrestlers some of the best matches and even without the Bullet Club, he's been able to keep the attention on "heel" love. At Elimination Chamber the next night, he will be wrestling with 5 other superstars in the Elimination Chamber -- but the night before it will be all about his feud with John Cena.

Randy Orton

Randy Orton picked this awesome photo for a Throwback Thursday and he's wanting to hold both these titles again. With Orton being assisted by the Wyatt family, I would be surprised if he didn't. After surprising many by winning the Royal Rumble, many are confused as to what this means for his Wyatt family orientation. I don't get it but I'm not mad since that means I get to see more of the leader of the Wyatt family with Orton at his side.

Bray Wyatt

Since the inception of Bray Wyatt and the end of his former "Husky Harris" character, I have been enamored by him. The idea, charisma, and strange yet oddly (for me) attractive character was so refreshing. Maybe I have a thing for Southern swamp people. Who knows? Now, the character is kind of in an interesting place where I don't know what the WWE are doing taking by taking a wonderful heel character and turning him and his family into mid-card jobbers. I'm hoping that by Wrestlemania, Bray Wyatt's character can gain more of the old momentum they had and come back to the glory we saw years back. I miss being confused and a little weirded out by him. Because in the end, I'm always rooting for them.

Luke Harper

The road has been rocky recently for family members Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. After Luke Harper lost a match to his family member Randy Orton, Harper took out his aggression on Bray Wyatt with a Sister Abigail. Woodcutter is a strange and interesting character, and I can't wait to check him out this Saturday.

James Ellsworth

The new guy on the Smackdown block, Ellsworth isn't new to the wrestling world. Ellsworth has been wrestling for over 14 years all over the East Coast and truly is an example of 'keep working hard to achieve your dreams.' The "most famous jobber in the world," has become an internet sensation and was complimented by some of the biggest names in WWE including Chris Jericho and the man himself, Vince McMahon.  His catchphrase "every man with two hands has a fighting chance" is a saying that makes you feel for his character and want to root for him. Now on Saturday, you have a chance to root for him in person!

Alexa Bliss

Little Miss Bliss may be tiny, but the Smackdown Women's Champion has shown that she is a force to be reckoned with. With arguably the best facial expression in the women's division, she's also got great mic skills and looks that could kill. (Not to mention she is a dedicated and hard worker.) Since her time in developmental, she has moved up the roster and proven her worth to the women's division. Every week, she seems to get better and better in the ring and shows she wants this. I can't wait to se her talent in person this Saturday.

Dolph Ziggler

Now let's talk about the man with a jawline that could cut glass. I mean sure, he's able to go from bad guy, to good guy and now bad guy you love to watch. Plus he's been the World Heavyweight Champion twice, Intercontinental Champion five times, the United States Champion once, a Money in the Bank winner, plus the sole survivor of two different Survivor Series elimination matches. He's charismatic on the mic, so funny he does stand up comedy when he's not smashing people in the ring, and is willing to do what it takes. But yeah, let me continue focusing on that jawline.

Find out more information about the WWE Live in Las Cruces at the WWE website or purchase tickets at Ticketmaster.

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