Not speeding ... "slowing"

A lady in Maryland got a ticket for going 63 in a 65.  (If they fine you for speeding, shouldn't they have to pay you for "slowing"??)

She was cited .. supposedly .. because she was in the left (passing) lane.  It drives me nuts when people get in the left lane and crawl along, effectively blocking the passing lane.  It happened to me this morning on 54!  (Which is why I was late Boss.  And, Yes; I'm sticking with that story.)  50 mph even 40 mph some times which SUCKS!

But C'mon, we're talking about 2 WTF-ing miles per hour here.

The lady says high winds were causing her to go a little easy that day.  No word on whether traffic was flowing at the same rate or whether or not she was passing anyone at the time.

Regardless ... 2 mph?  UNDER the limit? WTF??

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