Ok Texas drivers, time for all of us to be truthful with each other. We've all taken a call while driving, we've all lost focus for a minute or two while behind the wheel...but there's one more we've driving sin we've committed. Yes, admit it:

We've All Sped While Driving In The Lone Star State.

Yes, it's ok to admit it. We promise we won't tell. But every one in the state has been faced with a time crunch, or having to make an appointment and it's running close to cancellation.

When you speed, your eyes always look for a police car don't you? If you spot them you quickly slow down in an attempt for the officer to hopefully not notice you're going way over the limit. Most of time, it doesn't work of course.

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But other than officers on the ground, could Texas find us speeding other ways? Well, we might have to look to sky to discover that answer.

Texas Using Planes To Control Speeding In The State?

Well according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, yes Texas DPS could use airplanes to control speeding in state. Which is...a weird thought isn't it? Imagine a plane helping pull you over for speeding.

There are two ways aircraft can track us revealed by the Telegram, The plane can time how fast a car is going or the plane can track the speeding individual, leading police to them. Now, is this coming to state in the future?

As of now, it currently isn't something you'll experience currently. But who knows? Maybe one day they'll drop speeding tickets to us, which would just stink wouldn't it...

Speaking Of Speeding...

Yes, we all speed, but going this fast is rather dangerous...

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