Here we go again, more wonderful Wednesday weirdness!


Forget the government cheese, I want the government ganja!!  Uncle Sams got the gooooooooood s***!  (Quick history for you .... In 1850, Pot was considered medicine and was legal well into the 30's.  By 1936, 48 states had ruled it illegal and it was put into the "bad" class of narcotics and criminalized.)  It's now accepted here and there for medicinal purposes but apparently Big Brother has been dealing to a select group of people since the 80's or so.  WTF??  Why wasn't I notified?


As I read this, and my hopes grew, I came to the line that says this program will soon come to an end.  WTF?  They couldn't have told me about this sooner???  Oh well, back to trying to get a medical card! If there are any optometrists reading this, my visions getting a tad blurry and I'm in pain. Email me!


A national tragedy in Germany.  Their celebrity animals are dropping like flies!  Paul (The Octopus that was accurately predicting world cup soccer matches in 2010) kicked off in October.

Knut the Bear ... famous for being hand raised by the zoo staff ... died of an epilectic seizure in March.  (Bears have seizures?  WTF??)  And now Heidi, the cross eyed possum who could predict oscar winners, has gone to the great awards ceremony in the sky.

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Now, how am I going to place my bets in Vegas?  WTF??


Finally, an ump with a lifeline!!  From  

I'll just say this; Good thing he's not a boxing ref .... they have to go all the way to 10!

RBI's and WTFs?!?!