What do you do when you pay for ass and you get ..... an ass??


So, this guy likes ... and I mean LIKES ... donkeys.  Society it seems is not quite ready to acknowledge these two in a positive fashion, so they've been forced to hide their forbidden love.  It never fails though, nothing stays secret forever.  Romeos cover story is our WTF moment!!

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On the job training!!

Ok, if it's your first day on the job at Walmart and you don't know what aisle the toilet papers on; I can live with that. But a freakin' NFL player .. the QB no less!! .. that doesn't know all the plays he needs to call?? Really???????


Sad but true ... check it out at yahoo.com

I guess that's enough for today ... the donkey one alone is going to take me a while to get over.  Enjoy the rest of your WTF Wednesday!