I know, it's Friday ... this is a special edition WTF Wednesday though.  Call it WTF Wednesday 2.0.

I heard a rumor about this but wasn't able to confirm it by the end of the day Wdnesday. Now it's been confirmed and I am absolutely speechless.  Not to mention outraged.

First responders being told they can't attend the 911 memorial service in New York because they're out of room??  It's not that they have not been invited or can't stand by the big shots ... they can't ATTEND. At all.

Read more at theblaze.com

Seems this is Bloombergs idea. To him I say: "Look ass****. None of those people wanted to go that day 10 years ago, but they did. They were more than invited and welcome on that dark day; now you want a photo - op more than them? Screw you buddy."


Apparently, he doesn't want religion represented there either. Read more at  huliq.com  There was a lot of prayer there on 9/11/01 ... and there will be prayer there this Sunday to. Whether you like it/permit it or not you "Bloom"-ing idiot.  

To that days heroes: First responders who were there that day, you are respected and appreciated by people all over the world. You're the best ... thank you!!   The next time Bloomberg needs you, don't go.

Tell him there wasn't room.

To Bloomberg: WTF???????

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